Bookings Management Tools

Pick a Package


Keep your boat’s availability at your fingertips

  • Real-time schedule & availability
  • Convenient filtering tools
  • Snapshot of availability by cabin type
  • Quick option creation

Availability is the core module which hosts the schedule of all your trips, along with up-to-date pricing and number of spots available in each of the cabin types.


Set prices for any types of bookings and seasons

  • Rate plans: individuals, groups, charters
  • Bulk editing tool for prices
  • Discounts & surcharges
  • Promotions & special offers

Convenient tools for bulk editing and automatic calculation of prices for individuals, groups and full charters at different times of the year.


Manage options / bookings from all sales channels

  • One dashboard to manage all bookings
  • Manage status and option expiry
  • Manage due dates and record payments
  • Automated notifications

Take care of incoming option and booking requests in one place and keep all the details structured in a neat layout. Filtering and search tools make it easy to look up any booking.


Collect and organize divers’ details with guest forms

  • Online access and tracking of guest forms
  • Customizable fields to collect details & uploads
  • Convenient form download and summary export
  • Automated notifications

Invite your guests (or their agents) to fill out your guest form online by sending them a unique link. You can then track progress and review that all the requirements are completed.

Guest forms

Keep an eye on your key performance indicators with Reports

  • Detailed sales performance by product and rate plan
  • Study your occupancy, capacity and composition
  • Look over your sales channels output
  • Watch closely your cashflow

Find multiple reports at your fingertips generated automatically, furthermore you'll be able to export the data if needed


Build and grow your Customer Database

  • Set up and manage your customer details in the system
  • Keep an eye on the booking history and credit notes
  • Use guest details from the guest form applications
  • Export the list of customer records if needed

Knowing your customers is crucial to every business. Customer Database by Inseanq will help you to easily store essential information about your customers and also develop this asset in time.

Customer Database
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